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Company News

Playground for Adults / 2021-10-05

Sliding, swinging, jumping on a trampoline and other fun activities are not only reserved for children. The overworked adults also need a carefree moment of chill and fun. That’s why, there are more and more places in the public space with playground equipment which is designed specially for grown-ups. read more »

Giant Wooden Playgrounds by Lars Laj / 2021-08-12

One playground device instead of many? We present our largest playgrounds!

read more »

Season Sale -15% - Tables and Benches / 2021-07-26

We offer 15% discount on the selected wooden tables and benches! Check our special promotion! read more »

Lars Laj FEPI Certificate 2015 V2 / 2015-09-14

Federation of the European Play Industry Certificate FEPI 2015 read more »

Help and Love for North Korea. / 2015-05-08

We are very proud of the playground founded by us in the orphanage in Kaesong. 74 children in the preschool age are residing there. read more »

The Bounty Ship in Harrow International School in Bangkok! / 2013-04-05

Lars Laj is excited to announce that we designed a special playground item : the Bounty ship designed especially for Harrow International School in Bangkok.
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New article in the Lars Laj product family / 2011-04-21

Here at Lars Laj we try very hard to help you make the most of your time of relaxing outdoors. read more »

Lars Laj at Berkeley International School / 2011-02-03

Berkeley International School has chosen our playground to complement its beautiful premises. read more »

Floating balance-plates at Carlsberg! / 2010-11-23

In collaboration with Primus Architects, Lars Laj has created a modern play area, equally inviting for children and adults. read more »

Annual Harvest Fiesta / 2010-08-21

On August 15, this year in Dobra village (Poland) was held the annual harvest fiesta. read more »

We are proud to present to you that our company was the first to carry out tests strength of our slings! / 2010-04-13

We conduct research type “Non Destructive Testing” of our slings to swings, to obtain information about the physical condition, defects and properties of the material used during the process of manufacture of our playground equipment, without causing changes in its functional characteristics. read more »

Elementary School Young-Wha in Incheon City gets new playground! / 2010-03-12

Kids at the Young-Wha elementary School in Incheon City are enjoying their new playground equipment, as we can see they have wasted no time in trying out their favorite play. read more »

Playgrounds from Dreamland. / 2009-12-04

On the 30th of November in the Pomeranian Centre of Education- an exciting art event for children took place - sponsored by Lars Laj. read more »

Our new NATURE line is being certified now! / 2009-08-21

Our picturesque Nature line includes a Robinia & Larch Wood range. Robinia Wood, often referred to as Wiggly Wood, defines the essence of Nature. read more »

Great advantages of our W2W foundations! / 2009-06-04

Our “Wood2Wood” foundation is guarantee of endurance and durability. read more »

Lars Laj in Selenium Twins Tower - Istanbul! / 2009-04-29

Lars Laj playgrounds just delivered play environment to the Selenium Twins Tower, which is located in Fulya, Istanbul on 29,000 m² picturesque land, one of the most favorite areas for living. read more »

Outdoor fitness equipment in our offer! / 2009-02-20

Using outdoor fitness equipment gives you opportunity to breathe fresh air! read more »

Stainless steel screws & Bolts! / 2009-02-11

We are proud to introduce our latest product improvement for all larslaj play items. read more »

Go climbing with Aztec Panel! / 2009-01-28

Aztec Panel was designed to ensure a big adventure for our toddlers!! read more »

Lars Laj get along with certified Playground Safety Inspector! / 2009-01-28

Playground should be a place of entertaining and safe for our kids. Achievement these goals are possible by checking equipment for potential hazards, or faulty equipment. read more »

Brand new Lars Laj website / 2008-12-09

A completely new website has been put online today. The website has been completly redesigned to improve Your Lars Laj experience! read more »