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Giant Wooden Playgrounds by Lars Laj

“Gigantic” Playground
Lars Laj Giant Playground

Gigantic is a huge adventure playground made of larch wood - over 13 meters wide and 27 meters long!

“Gigantic” playground in numbers:

  • - 3 classic slides and 1 “Twister” slide,
  • - 5 covered turrets
  • - 4 climbing nets
  • - 3 gangways with rope for climbing
  • - 1 huge climbing wall
  • - and many others…

Gigantic Playground by Lars Laj

Gigantic Wooden Playground by Lars Laj

“Majestic” Ship Playground
Lars Laj's Majestic Wooden Ship

Majestic is a huge larch ship playground with a sandbox and two slides!


The perfect solution for a themed playground at the seaside! Any children would not be bored on such a playground. The little ones can spend a quiet time in the sandbox and the older children can slide or climb the ladders and a gangplank.

Majestic wooden ship by Lars Laj

Majestic larch ship by Lars Laj

“Citadel” Castle Playground

Giant castle playground by Lars Laj

The Citadel is the enormous wooden castle with towers and spiral slides. This playground will stimulate children's imagination and invite them to play in a fantasy world!


The most exciting attractions of the Citadel playground are the three huge spiral tube slides! What’s more, the castle is equipped with two classic slides, wooden gangways, bridges, towers, platforms, a climbing wall and ladders.

Citadel castle playground by Lars Laj


“The Great Wall of China” Theme Playground

The great wall of China wooden playground by Lars Laj

The Great Wall of China is a huge larch wooden playground with a length of over 33 meters.


The playground’s design refers to East Asian culture and architecture. The climbing structure consists of four slides, including one spiral slide, climbing walls and ladders and many other attractions.

Wooden giant playground by Lars Laj  

The greatest advantage of giant playgrounds is certainly their multifunctionality. One huge playground device provides children with a multitude of attractions such as:

  • - climbing: play equipment consists of various types of vertical and horizontal ladders, climbing nets, walls, ropes, steps and gangways.
  • - slides: giant playgrounds offer not just one slide, but many different ones: from the classic ones to the twisted slide tubes.
  • - sand playing, e.g. the ground floor of our ships serves as a huge sandbox.
  • - creative and educational play: the interesting design of the devices will inspire role playing and other activities.

However, even the largest device will not exhaust all possible fun options. That is why, we recommend installing swings and spring rockers next to the gigantic playground! Contact us to create an amazing playground!